Who Are We?

TAyoungsters is a team comprised of Turkish amateur radio operators under the age of 25. Operating as an independent community not affiliated with any association or organization, we embarked on this exciting journey in 2012, when young amateur radio operators took their first steps. Initially born as a high school club, we have since expanded nationwide. Guided by the principle "Youth are our future," we firmly believe that the future of our hobby lies in the hands of the youth. Without their participation, this special passion would fade away.

TAyoungsters Team aims to contribute to the development of the shortwave experiences and skills of young Turkish amateur radio enthusiasts. Every amateur radio operator aspires to possess the equipment necessary to utilize the HF band. However, setting up HF stations entails significant costs. Therefore, remotely controlled stations present a great opportunity for young enthusiasts who do not have the means to establish HF stations.

We engage in a wide range of activities, from homemade antennas to QRP transceivers, electronic circuits, and satellite communications. Additionally, we gather in different cities to participate in contests organized under various special call signs.

Last Activities

What Do We Do?


Our amateur radio activities and technical projects at home and abroad are here.

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YOTA December

We are participating in the Youngsters On The Air activity. Here are the activities we do.

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Remote Ham Radio

Don't you have a radio? Don't be sad. RHR is here. Info about remote and activities is here.

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QSL and Awards

Did you know that you can get QSL approval and certificate when you do QSO with young people?

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TA Youngsters

Below is a list of young radio amateurs under the age of 26 in Türkiye.
You can scroll through to view them. Click on their names to examine their QRZ pages.


Joining us or supporting us is quite simple. Firstly, you can become a member on our TADX website. The membership process is very brief. You can register from the top right corner of the site. Any Turkish youth under the age of 26 can join the TAyoungsters team. If you are 26 years or older, you can support us. We do not accept any form of monetary donation. We outline how you can provide support through three different methods below. For your suggestions and requests, please use the contact of the website.


If you are using Flex radio or have a station with remote control capability, you can provide us with great support. We would be happy to join you for an event in a new country. Additionally, we can participate in weekend contests using your station. For example, DXCC stations like D4C, V31MA have remote control capability.


If you are going on a DXpedition in a country, we would like to be invited to join. We have young people among us who have experience with DXpeditions, and it's important to share these experiences and learn from each other. Our goal is to empower young people in the amateur radio field and provide them with experience in this area.

Social Media!

You can follow us on our TAyoungsters accounts. It's important to follow these accounts to not miss out on the latest news and events. By sharing us on the pages of amateur radio groups, you can help us gain recognition. Also, by sharing us on your personal pages after making a QSO, you can support the growth of the amateur radio community.


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